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  We are a global network of qualified companies and experts that specialize in engineering, installation, public-private sector partnerships and initiatives in Solar Energy, Wind Energy, LED lights, Water Filtration, Solar Water Heating applications and projects that demonstrate excellence and diligence.

  We guide our customers from Manufacturing our own solar panels with our exclusive design to install projects we design for each customer. We back such designs with 20 years of warranty. Our more than 40 qualified engineers can perform a Solar, Wind, LED, Water Filtration and water treatment projects with excellence and diligence to their completion. We provide the services before and after installation that will help you monitor and educate students as well as obtaining the maximum output of the newly installed equipment. Our company provides solutions that will give a fast Return of Investment to our customers.

  We are highly qualified and can take projects from concept to reality offering the following services to our partners and clients worldwide;

– Feasibility studies

– Engineering

– Procurement

– Installation

– Training

– Remote data collection and monitoring

– Remote sensing and operation

– Energy assessments

– Solutions that fit needs with the right ROI

– We make an energy evaluation of the company, entity or residence we will work in.

– We are currently financing all projects that fit the following criteria:

– The project will be placed on a site that is/has been paying for electric bills on the past 3 years

– Customer is willing to pay equal or less than their current bill for a solar panel power plant.


– The Kanuba Project is ongoing.

– The Kang Project is finished.

– Wulf Project in Harlingen is finished.

– The Cameron County G. Project is finished.

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What to ask from any solar company:

If you are  looking around to set up a solar or wind power plant, be sure that you compare apples to apples when comparing Energy companies.
We always recommend our customers to check the following on a solar/wind company:

  • – Has the company been in Business for more than 5 years? By law, even small companies have to provide 5 years of warranty on any solar/wind project.
    Being on business for more than 5 years ensures that a company has provided security to the end customer during the min amount of time.
  • – How many electrical engineers will be supervising your project? Ask for the actual degree!
    Being entrepreneurial and good at contracting does not qualify any company
    (even with a certificate of training by any National Board ) to be able to install electrical projects.
  • – How many years of warranty will the FACTORY and the INSTALLER provide on delivery?
    (Both should provide  20 years on  inverters, panels and racking) 
  • – We also provide the services after installation that will help you monitor and educate students
    as well as obtaining the maximum output of the newly installed equipment.

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