With several Financing options, why you should go solar today.

There are 4 main reasons to go solar at this moment:

a) Completely reduce or eliminate your energy bills.

With an ongrid system you immediately see the results on the next month’s electric bill. Your system typically reduces 1000kwh per 7000watts of installed equipment.

b)Put your tax dollars to work for you.

Your IRS taxes have to be paid, either by you or by your employer. Why not put those dollars to work for you?
By assigning your tax dollars into a Solar System in your property, you are using the taxes to buy an equipment  to generate electricity for you.

c) Protect against rising energy costs.

Fuel is a hidden tax. We use fuel to generate electricity that we buy from the electric companies. Every fuel increase, increases our utilities. By setting your own solar system, you fix the rates that you will pay for the next 25 years.

d) Increase your property value.

Your property will increase its value, but without increasing the tax payments for it.

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