Higher Wattage in solar panels than advertised.

Today we came out across a situation that is becoming more frequent than it should. A solar system produced more amps than its design was intended. This is good news/bad news.  Good news because the customer will get more KWh per day as a result of the overproduction of solar panels. Bad news because the production of more than 60 amps is tripping the electrical protections that the system was originally designed to work under.

Solar panel companies, in a new habit to try to survive (specially American Made or companies that sell in the United States) are giving more output than they advertise. They need to be sure the panels will comply with the advertised output for the next 20 years with the degrading included.

A good advise is to overdesign the electric components more than 30% to prevent tripping protections. If a protection trips more than once, revise the system and change all components after an actual physical reading of the equipment performance.

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