Energy consumption and Demand Measurement.

Today I would like to post about something that is very important to have in place before you even think about setting a solar system.

Lets think about setting a Solar System in Texas. Here at Mardel Souza/ American Made Solar and Wind we have a focus of checking the consumption and Electric Loads before we suggest a system.

If you are located in Texas, and you have an average consumption, your consumption is divided as follows:

60% of your Load goes to Air Conditioning.

17% of your Load goes to your Lighting and Illumination.

23% of your Load goes to Appliances (Refrigerator, computers, etc)

Before thinking about installing a solar system, think about saving electricity.  If you haven’t upgraded:

+Your Air Conditioner

+Your Lights

+All of your appliances are Energy Efficient

DO NOT install a Solar System.  Your Solar Installer should point this out immediately.  We see it all the time. Specially from installers that are not regional (out of state and out of town) who only sell solar systems, they want to install you the biggest solar system possible, without saving on your Loads First.

There is also another factor to consider: What you do not measure, you can not control.

That is, if you don’t know how much KWh  you are using and how you are using them,  consider the following solution: An energy meter that measures constantly how to do this.

See the following graph


In the graph, we have installed 4 CTs to monitor all the consumptions of a Customer named Cariaga (We keep our customers identity private unless they request not to).

Our customer is using at some time more than 20 KW . His bill is around $520.00 per month. With this tool he now has information on how hes spending the electricity and he can lower his consumption before we install the solar power plant.

A smaller power plant represents a faster Return of Investment.

After doing this, we estimate for this particular customer a 20% savings in electricity which will represent a 20% smaller solar power plant. This is the responsible way to approach a solar installation.

If your solar installer is not doing this, ask them to.

Alejandro Peña

Mardel Souza Inc/ American Made Solar and Wind




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