Rapid Shutdown Systems// other changes in solar industry.

Its been a while, since my last Blog.

I just spend One and a half months in training on the Inverter and solar technologies coming to the USA from Germany. As some of you may know some of the best quality inverters are design and made in Germany, a country who is probably about 20 years ahead of Texas (10 years from California), that is in my opinion.
So I spent time in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Crailsheim.

One thing that caught my attention is the emphasis that the United States is making in Rapid Shutdown. And let me be clear, this emphasis is ONLY in the USA, as Germany and other countries are not using this systems at all.

So I researched a little bit and found some background for the NEC and the subject.

Found this great article:


and another one just with info:


I think that more than rapid shutdown systems, the education of the electrical PV systems has not been fully deployed to the Fire Departments.

This is so far the best educational pamphlet I have seen:



Alex Peña