Our Home (Earth) is trembling and melting. What are you going to do about it?

Our hearths and Prayers go with the East Texas region, Florida, the Virgin Islands (and all the Caribbean) and Mexico . All the scenes and shocking news we are watching everyday, make the back of our neck shiver and realize how lucky we were in the south most part of Texas.

We are looking at the devastation in both Rockport and Houston. We are all sending canned food and supplies to help the victims. Our prayers are with them and the stories of unnamed heroes rescuing more than 18,000 victims of the flood in the Houston Metropolitan area are heartbreaking.
As I now watch Maria hitting in the Caribbean , I have to ask myself, who is really doing something to prevent the next Hurricane.  How many of us are fighting the root cause, rather than the problems it creates?

Yes… you can fight global warming in your own way.

Ask yourself the following:

a)Are willing to cut down Meat consumption to lower the Methane thrown into the atmosphere and reduce global warming?
You can grow your own vegetables in your backyard. In my neighborhood, only 2 properties actively grow their own food. Meat production pollutes our waters and produces Methane that goes into the atmosphere and helps global warming. By cutting down meat and MILK consumption you are actively helping the fight for global warming and in the process you are entering a healthy lifestyle. South Texas has an obesity problem that is affecting kids and adults alike. In some small south Texas cities is hard to find a person in a crowd without an overweight problem. The less Livestock we consume and more vegetables, the less methane emissions into the atmosphere. There are many documentaries on NETFLIX that can show how this affects global warming. 

b)How many people are still buying regular cars instead of Hybrids and Electric Cars?
You went to your dealer and you could have bought a hybrid for the same price as a luxury car. You could have gotten an electric car. Even better, you could actually use a bike to head to work.  Jon: I have no idea where your statistics  come from, but I agree with them. I am a cyclist too and if the Netherlands can do it, we surely can! Also, instead of investing on more Highways, lets invest in more urban transportation infrastructure. 

c)How many of us buy our electricity from Companies that generate the electricity from renewable sources?
They are 3 cents more expensive per kwh. Yet those companies support the growth of renewable plants and technologies. They buy their electricity from Wind Farms across the Texas Coast. Make sure you support them. Our corporate office used to be in a South Texas city that has a local Public Utility company that out of the blue stopped supporting Net Metering by the purchase of 1:1 ratio.
Only a few have raised their concerns and this Utility Company is not moving fast enough to correct this problem. Push your electric company to buy from renewable sources and promote renewable technologies.

Actually, you can choose your electric provider in many states. I agree with you that in some zones you have to go with the local Coop or Public Utility, but in many areas, you can choose which company you can buy from. And even in Public Utility companies, you can ask the board to support the purchase of greener energies. 

d) Are you as energy efficient as you can be?
When you go to work, do you have to wear a sweater in the middle of summer because some of your co-workers like the temperature to be 70 F? The recommended temperature by Magic Valley Electric Coop is 78F. Anything below raises your AC consumption in an exponential way per degree F.
If you cant handle the temperature at 78, perhaps you need to add more fans, change clothes or check if you could lose some weight. Weight will require you to DECREASE temperature settings . See our first bullet.

There are many ways to fight global warming and prevent hurricanes from being overwhelming with water or strong winds.


What are you doing about it?



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Thanks for the comments Jon Adams!  Corrections/Responses in RED

Thanks again… Comments for second questions in Blue

You are moving away from the subject. You mentioned that it was not possible to move to a more bicycle friendly way of Living. If the Netherlands can, we can as well. I didn’t mentioned their foot print.  I happen to live in a city where the commissioners and its citizens are pushing for a more bike friendly way of living. Its possible and there are a lot of benefits.

More and more utilities , even Publicly owned are pushing towards green energy. The more we request them to move, the faster they will do it.

Please stop referring the overweight population with a derogatory name. I used to be overweight and would not like to be called that!

It is in MY OPINION, a choice to be overweight. If you choose, you can lower your weight by watching your diet and living a healthier life. We ALL CAN DO IT! By consuming less, we reduce our methane footprint.  


5 Replies to “Our Home (Earth) is trembling and melting. What are you going to do about it?”

  1. A) In your own words please explain how meat/dairy production increases methane gas. If everyone in the US were to stop the consumption of animal products, does the livestock cease to exist because there is no longer a market for it? Or is the plan to stop all breeding and slaughter the remaining livestock? Additionally, the obesity epidemic is not exclusively attributed to overeating. Nearly all independent studies and FDA studies confirm the average food consumption per household has significantly decreased yet the obesity rate continues to climb. This not due to the overeating of animal products. This is due to the fact 85% of the products sold in grocery stores are “food-like” items. If consumers stayed out of the isles and stuck to the perimeter of the store (i.e. produce, meats, dairy) they would live a much healthier lifestyle.

    B) Study after study has proven hybrids are far more efficient than fully electric cars and yield fewer emissions. Although an electric car produces little to no emissions, the power plant it’s drawing energy from does. That being said, the issue isn’t the consumer it’s the manufacturers. The average vehicle age in the US is 11 years old, meaning the average person cannot afford a new car let alone a hybrid. Creating government buyback programs, offering better incentives and lowering the overall cost of a hybrid is the only way to achieve an impactful goal. Lastly, I love the bike/walk idea, unfortunately, the average American commutes 15 miles each way. On a bike that’s roughly 1.5 hours each way which equates to 3 hours each day. Given the time crunch the average parent or employee is already under, this is extremely unrealistic. As a cyclist, I’ll be the first one to say it would take a significant cultural shift and increased driver awareness for cycling to be a safe and mode of transportation. It would also cost billions in infrastructure/roadway improvements considering most cities in the US are not cyclist friendly.

    C) “Push your electric company to buy from renewable”. Electricity is not a good or commodity. Homeowners do not have the option to shop around for utility providers, they are forced upon you based on geographical location. When the utility company has complete control over their market, the consumer has very little if any say in how they conduct business.

    D) Using your logic, if fat people are hotter by nature wouldn’t this mean they would keep their heat at a lower setting during the cold months, therefore, lowering their energy consumption rate? Using the same logic, wouldn’t thin people require higher heat settings increasing their energy consumption? Seems to me they would cancel each other out.

      1. I appreciate you taking the time to edit/respond to my comments.

        Holland is the most densely populated country in Europe. It’s approximately the size of Maryland but has a population three times higher. Urban transportation or cycling is far more manageable and realistic considering 85% of Hollanders travel less than 3 miles to work, honestly that would be walking distance for me. The short commutes can be attributed to significant industry in the Netherlands. This large amount of industry equates to high emissions. In fact, according to World Bank, the Netherlands carbon emissions are, per capita, among the highest in Europe – almost double those of France. It’s no secret densely populated areas have higher carbon emissions despite their improved public transportation and green initiatives.

        As far as the Netflix documentaries go, I’ve seen them, I’ve read research that counters/debunks every single claim of a correlation between livestock production and greenhouse emissions.

        In regards to utilities. According to the DOE less than 20% of US are in an area offering “consumer choice”. I agree, when every consumer has a choice it will significantly improve our energy markets. However, just as we’ve experienced with healthcare in recent years, less competition decreases consumer control and increases cost.

        As far as fat people causing global warming, this is what’s known as a logical fallacy.

  2. Overweight does not equate obesity. I am 6’3″, 225 lbs with approximately 18% body fat. To most, I am in great physical shape with a highly plant-based diet. However, according to every test known, I am, at least, 35 lbs overweight. Use whatever adjective you like, but what you’re describing is fat. There are many thin people with high fat content. So when I speak of “fat people”, I am not exclusively referring to overweight people. Furthermore, there have been countless studies proving a vegetarian diet produces just as much methane. Methane production depends on the individual an has little to do with what they’re consuming.

    You either dismissed or misunderstood the point I was making with Holland’s carbon footprint. To make a cycling commute a time/cost feasible option, our average distance to commute in the US would have to drastically decrease. For this to happen the community would have to increase the industry/jobs. An increase in industry creates two things; a densely populated area and a large carbon footprint. The solution you provide with reducing the need for production farms is essentially the same problem you’re creating by moving everyone to the city. Densely populated areas emit more gas, regardless of the mammal producing it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t cattle have a plant-based diet? According to your science wouldn’t cattle have a smaller footprint than carnivorous humans?

    I’m all for creating safer environments for cyclists but the approach you suggest would be counterproductive. Rather than creating densely populated urban areas with high emissions, everyone should spread out. We have a massive and beautiful country that’s mostly uninhabited. 70% of our population live in urban areas creating the emissions problem.

    Get out of the city
    Lower your personal carbon footprint
    Try to eat only what you grow or raise

    We built our house in 2012
    It’s on 4 acres
    We have a large garden and small greenhouse
    We keep a couple beef cattle and hogs for meat
    We have small chicken coup for poultry and eggs
    I’m a software engineer that works from home
    I have converted my diesel Ram, Jetta, and Touareg to run on used vegetable oil. (It’s actually quite simple and most restaurants will give the oil away for free)
    We utilize solar, wind, geothermal and wood energy
    We actually get a check each month from our electric coop because we generate more than we consume.

    This is how we change/save the world and have a true global community.

    Listening to propaganda and counterproductive pseudo-science is not the answer. If Bill Nye, Al Gore, and the like who propagate these falsities really wanted to change the world, they would lead by example. It would probably bring me to tears to find out what kind of carbon footprint these individuals have.

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