Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

This question was made present yesterday during an appointment with a potential customer. We know that SOLAR PANELS will generate a bigger amount of electricity during clear days with the abundant brightness of the sun, but you don’t have these ideal climate conditions all the time.
What happens if we have a day with clouds or thunderstorms? On those gray days, SOLAR PANELS can still generate between 10 and 25% of their total capacity. Factors that may affect: density of the clouds, the hours of the day in which the cloudiness occurs and the type of panel are the determining factors of this result since some panels are better than others to receive diffuse sunlight. Our product can capture a broad spectrum of light that includes red and blue wavelengths, this allows SOLAR PANELS to continue generating energy even on cloudy days.
If we want to accomplish the desired savings when installing a SOLAR SYSTEM, the first thing taken into account is the amount of solar brightness received in the desired area for a full year, a few days without sun do not make the rule. To design and connect a solar plant of any size the designs go through the average daily solar radiation.

If the production of your solar plant is greater than the electricity you consume, you can sell your excess energy to your electric company. At American Made Solar And Wind Technologies, we guarantee that the customer can get income from overproduction of the SOLAR SYSTEM.
Solar panels capture visible and infrared sunlight to convert them into electricity: On the cloudiest days, visible light passes through clouds and rain. Infrared light traverses more easily due to its wide wavelength.

Also, on cloudy afternoons it is possible that a solar plant produces more electricity than expected. Why? The reason is the Edge of Cloud Effect. What is the Edge of Cloud Effect? This happens when the sun illuminates the edge of the clouds working as a magnifier of the sunlight. This will compensate our loss due to cloudiness.

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Mardel Souza Inc.

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