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Ground Mounted With Variable Automatic Pitch Systems

Ground Mounted With Variable Automatic Pitch Systems

After 2 years of development, donating equipment forĀ  students and teachers at UTRGV, we have developed a Solution for Southern States that are close to Huricane Zones.

Rarely has a solar tracker been certified to withstand Miami Dade Hurricane standards for Windstorm resistance (130 mph hurricane winds).

This makes it almost impossible for a solar tracker to be installed within 50 miles of distance to the coast of the Gulf or Mexico.

With this in mind, we created a racking product that is of variable pitch to be changed 2-4 times a year. Either at the begining and end of summer or for all 4 seasons.

The structure is certified to withstand 200mph.

It will only be adjusted in tilt, not azimuth, but still the production increase greatly justifies the additional cost of the speed motors and the additional racking expenses.

We have systems that are in rural areas and coast areas, close to the Gulf Of Mexico.

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